Our Daycare

Baby Room/Toddler Room

The baby room and toddler room have been equipped with toys and materials keeping in mind the interests and developmental needs of the children. For the Intellectual and Language needs there are interactive books and toys to teach concepts and alphabets. The abacus and balls to help with counting. Attractive charts and posters to teach and improve vocabulary, Sensory bins provide feel and learning and puzzles for logical thinking. Creative development is done through different art mediums like crayons, paints, markers, stickers and other loose parts. Physical development is enabled by Sand and Water play as well as crayons and paints to help with fine motor skills. Singing and dancing, yoga etc indoors and playing games like catch, riding tricycles and push cars, throwing and kicking balls,  playing with sand and natural elements like water, grass and leaves  will improve physical movements and gross motor skills. Social development is done through group games, cars and dolls to do role play. Children will be taught to use gestures and words of kindness, good manners and appreciation. They will learn to share toys and space and wait for their turn. Emotionally their development will be looked after by immediately meeting their needs and giving them the required attention. When required they will be given comforting hugs. The staff will do everything at their level and make sure they are safe and comfortable at all times. The staff will endeavour to establish a strong relationship of trust with the child. Every child will be made to feel accepted and appreciated for who they are. The children will be helped to correct their mistakes without feeling guilty or embarrassed. This would help develop emotionally strong children.

Pre School

Our daily curriculum is designed to include all the 5 domains of child development.

Intellectual: The children are read out to from books to improve their vocabulary, imagination and general knowledge. They are taught alphabets, phonics, numbers, counting, colors, shapes, vegetables and fruits, transports, weather and seasons and how things work with the help of songs, toys, games and crafts. We plan activities and games that stimulate their ability to think critically.

Physical: The physical development is given great importance and we involve the children in both indoor and outdoor games and sports. We do yoga, play football, hockey, dodge ball and badminton. Sand play, water play and mud kitchen help with the fine motor development. Games involving bending, jumping, running, pushing, throwing, skipping, catching ensure complete body exercise and movement.

Creative: Children are given different mediums, loose parts and craft materials to show their creativity. Messy play is also part of showcasing their creativity. They are encouraged to use their imagination to create art and enjoy the process of doing it without limitations.

Social: We motivate our children to share, take turns, play fair, wait for their turn, show compassion and make bonding with friends. This is done by storytelling, gentle guidance, regular reinforcements and role play.

Emotional: The teachers will guide the children through positive reinforcement and constructive redirection. They will be sensitive to the individual needs of each child and give them the feeling of comfort and confidence in their surroundings. Children will be heard and their questions answered or the situation will be explained to them with patience. They will be shown appreciation and praised for completing their tasks and following rules.

Out of School Care /Kindergarten

Our endeavour will be to make our children Champions who will make a brighter future and a better world with their unique, strong and vibrant personalities. The program for children must focus on physical literacy with daily sports, games and yoga, mindfulness and meditation for mental health and a strong emphasis on healthy eating habits. Arts, music, science activities that are developmentally appropriate and based on children’s interest will be part of the curriculum. The program space is divided in to 2 areas by means of shelves and toys so that the kinders, grade 1 and 2 can enjoy their own space with games, toys and activities that are more appropriate to their age. Both sections have different centers that cater to the development and learning of the children. There is a separate reading area to enable children to enjoy reading in peace. Art centers are equipped with different mediums and craft supplies to encourage creativity. Blocks, Manipulatives, Dress-up, Science, Dramatics all centers have been stocked with adequate material for learning and play. Children can enjoy both group and individual activities. The toys and equipment is checked at all times to avoid any injury to staff or children. Staff does roll call and follows up with head count every 15 minutes. Children are never left unsupervised.

The outdoor play space is fenced and has an entry from the daycare itself. The safety of the children is ensured by checking for any broken objects or equipment before each use. The staff has to do head count of children, before, during and at the time of return from the play space. The staff plan games and sports that relate to the programming of the week and it is followed by free play. Children have a variety of sports and activities to choose from. Badminton, Dodge ball, football, hockey are some of the sports available. We also have sand and water play and children are encouraged to explore nature while playing with loose parts and mud kitchens.