Our Director


I am Priyali Chauhan. As a caregiver I have the joy to witness little minds blossom in to confident individuals with amazing creativity and imagination. I have been working with children almost all my life. The values I hold dear are Honesty, Acceptance, Inclusion, Caring, Equity and Justice. I have worked with many children at various Daycares including YMCA.I have the experience of working as a kindergarten teacher, where I was more focused on the cognitive and physical development of the children and was responsible for evoking their curiosity towards learning from the prescribed syllabus. However, as an educator at a daycare I am much more involved with the overall development of the children than I was as a teacher. I find myself caring for them as a parent and teacher both. My job is to ensure they follow the right diet, good hygiene, learn good values, get physical exercise, have the appropriate reading, writing, craft, and science, music and dramatics activities. But most importantly I am responsible to make the children in my care feel secure and happy so that they can grow in to compassionate and responsible adults. Childcare is one of the most challenging and satisfying profession and I am privileged to be part of it. It is our endeavor to make our little ones Champions in life.