Our Mission & Vision

Little Champions day-care is a happy space that brings out the best in our champions.

  • A Happy child is an achiever
  • A Happy child can survive any odds
  • A Happy mind can create miracles
  • A Happy heart can love all
  • A Happy body is always healthy
  • A happy soul will rule the world

Our endeavour will be to make our little ones Champions who will make a brighter future and a better world with their unique, strong and vibrant personalities.

Our program focuses on  physical literacy with daily sports, games and yoga, mindfulness and meditation for mental health and a strong emphasis on healthy eating habits. Arts, music, science activities will be developmentally appropriate and based on children’s interest.

Communication is encouraged between parents and staff to enable a better understanding of the child’s daily development and needs.

We aim to work as an integral part of the community to help the children and their families.